Jokesta is an American YouTuber who makes a series of content based on mobile games including Call of Duty Mobile. Aside from creating content for the mobile scene, he ensures he entertains his fans by streaming across several streaming platforms like Trovo and YouTube.

History & Achievements

Also known as David, Jokesta is 24 years old and speaks English and Russian. He was born in Washington, Seattle, in the United States of America.

When taking a look at Jokesta’s background in mobile games, you will find he has played a couple of games such as Critical Ops, Modern Combat, Brothers in Arm, and many more. During his early stages in Modern Combat, he ranked first place on the global leaderboard for up to 6 months. Recently, Jokesta also achieved the number 1 spot on the global leaderboard in Call of Duty Mobile.


Across his entire life, Jokesta has always set up goals which he knows he can accomplish. Today, his main goal is to build a larger content creation empire by reaching 1 million subscribers.