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How to Secure Map Control in COD Mobile

Today, we’ll talk about Map Control in COD Mobile. We’re going to be looking at some of the top tips you should know and the tricks you need to have up your sleeves when attempting to gain map control.

Have you ever gone against a team that just seems to be everywhere at once?

Everyone has experienced a match in COD Mobile where players of the opposing team just seem to take them down almost immediately they get out of their spawn. Trust me, that can be very frustrating, especially if you are an aggressive player and just can’t seem to handle the challenge.

That is happening only because they have map control. If you are looking for one of the most potent techniques teams use in winning a game, it usually all comes down to Map Control.

Map Control in COD mobile

Map Control in COD Mobile is essential if you are going to win a match, especially in cod mobile ranked. However, not too many players understand the basics and advanced tricks involved in retaining map control. In this episode of the Game Series, we will discuss everything you need to know to efficiently help you gain control of the map during a match.

So, here’s the deal:


As the saying goes, time waits for no one. This is very true, mostly if you play COD Mobile Ranked. In this case, you must understand that it is essential to reach a particular part of the map at the start of the game to gain map control quickly.

Yes, take a look at the gameplay of most professional players. They tend to move fast at the start of the game to secure a particular part of the map, which allows them to either flank the enemies or stop them from crossing into the objective.

Sometimes, you might encounter a few challenges that involve the opponents rushing to the same spot to secure it. If you are not fast enough or waste as little time as a second, your chances of not surviving when you get there become pretty high.

This is because when the enemy gets to the spot for securing map control before you, they can wait for you to pop up. Once you peek or run into the spot, they simply take you down before you can do anything.

For this reason, timing is a major factor that affects map control. It not only matters at the start of the match but matters in the entire duration of the game.

Let’s take a look at a particular scenario where you and your teammate get into a tight situation while holding a specific side of the map against the opposing team. If you were taken out first, you must know your teammate might still be trying to hold off the opposing team. If you are not there quickly after you respawn, the enemy team is more than likely to take down your teammate because he no longer has backup. This makes you lose the map control faster than you can imagine.

Because you weren’t holding your spot, the enemy team can easily break through your team’s defenses and secure the map for themselves.

To improve your game sense when it comes to map control, you must be ready to perform actions at precisely the right time. As I pointed out, one of the significant ways to do that is to place yourself at spots before the enemy team can reach there. While you keep that in mind, also remember to retake your spot quickly after you respawn.

Moving on, the use of your scorestreaks must also have impeccable timing. Yes, it might sound surprising to you but ensuring you use scorestreaks only at the right time and not always immediately get them can significantly help you retain map control without troubles.

This is how you do it.

When you get your scorestreak, say, maybe a UAV. Don’t just rush into calling it. There are two factors to look at before you do that.

Ensuring there isn’t any friendly UAV up and running, and making sure there is enough time still left in the game to use the UAV. Cause, trust me, you don’t want to be calling your UAV at the end of the round. This can be annoying and painful to realize.

This tip also applies to all other scorestreaks.



Another thing you should also consider is the use of large scorestreaks at the right time. You don’t want to come in blowing up the entire map with your vtol only to end up getting tipple-capped seconds after you are done using it. Trust me; you don’t.

Vtols and other large scorestreaks are perfect for saving the day whenever you are losing a match. If you eventually get a VTOL just in time while you are still winning the game, hold up for a little while longer until you are sure the enemy team won’t turn pros utterly right before the game ends.

Aside from that, this kind of scorestreaks also comes in handy in retaining map control. Yes. If you notice your team is losing map control and you happen to have a VTOL, a stealth Chopper, or any other useful scorestreak, then it’s definitely the right time to use them to regain map control. And by helpful scorestreak, I’m not talking about your care package. The enemy team might just uhm…you know… steal it from you.

Scorestreaks are not the only things that need good timing. Your operators do too. You wanna make sure you use your operator skills only at the right time if you want to retain map control.

If the enemy team pushes yours, you can take out your operator skill and push them back. This does a great job in stopping them from securing the objectives as well as the map.

Holding Angles

Our next talking point is Holding Angles.

Do you find yourself getting picked up unexpectedly by enemy players. It can be frustrating when you can’t seem to get across the map because you always die right after you turn by the corner. This is because the enemy team understands the basics of map control and can easily implement strategies to beat you without you expecting it.

We have all had that one experience when we take a little peek from a corner and then just get sniped right from across the map by someone holding that specific angle.

This tends to happen a lot in game modes such as Search & Destroy and Hardpoint.

To get better at maintaining map control for your team, you need to understand that holding angles is one of the best ways to actually do it.

Yeah, most aggressive players will prefer to run into different corners looking for enemies and then sometimes end up getting picked unexpectedly. If you are either an aggressive or a passive player, you need to learn that holding special points of the map can greatly improve the map control strength of your team. You can hold a particular spot by either pacing around that area for a couple of seconds or even just pre-aiming for a couple of seconds at a spot you know the enemy would come out of.

This will go a long way in helping you keep the enemy team away and then win you the map.

Another great way to hold angles from the enemy team is to set up trip mines or throw some lethal items. When an enemy player sees a lethal item thrown in the direction they are going to, they are most likely gonna dip.

This grants your team some little time to refocus and reload while you position yourselves for the next wave of enemies.

Proper Positioning

Speaking of positioning, ensuring you properly position yourself can easily grant you map control in COD Mobile. However, if you are queuing up in a match with random teammates, you should know that you won’t always encounter players that understand proper positioning. At this point, you just have to do the job yourself.

At the start of a match, it is never a great idea to have you and your entire team push a particular spot together and at the same time. This is a bad idea.

Instead, you should study your radar… or mini-map as some of you know it.

When you see your teammate has a particular area covered, you don’t need to stand by them or stay in that same spot. This might just make both of you easy targets.

When you study your radar and notice a teammate is holding one angle, you need to take another angle. Of course, again, you can’t always rely on randoms to take care of such a task, but ensuring you secure angles through proper positioning can significantly improve your team’s map control strength.

Understand the Respawn System

If you have been playing the game for a while now and you still don’t understand how the respawn system works, I gotta say it, man, but you gotta step it up.

Don’t worry, I got you, homie.

The Respawn System in cod mobile is fairly easy to understand the algorithm that tends to spawn players at specific locations of the map. Based on the number of enemy players in your Respawn zone, the game comes up with different spots to spawn you and your teammates somewhere else if any of you gets picked up.

The same can be said for the opposing team. If you and your squad push up into their spawn, the game automatically spawns them somewhere else too. Unless it’s of course, a Frontline match where both teams have a permanent spawn.

Understanding where the game spawns the enemy team can quickly give you that map control in a surprisingly easy way.

You should know one thing though.

If you decide to go solo and take down enemies within their spawn, the game won’t flip the spawns. Yes, it will only spawn them in the same area which you are in. So you gotta prep yourself up for an endless wave of angry enemies if you are a confident slayer.

Understanding the spawning system grants you more confidence and helps you out in controlling the map. A very useful step pro players take when it comes to map control and the spawn system is trapping the enemy team in their spawn. This involves not pushing too hard to avoid letting the enemy team spawn behind them. You can only do this if you understand the ins and outs of spawns. Keeping them in their spawn is a perfect way to retain that map control that can help you win the game.

Taking a Player Role

If you want to help your team secure map control and still win the game, you need to be ready to choose a special player role for yourself. This can be an anchor, an objective player, or just a slayer.

Playing the objective role is a tough thing to do. But if you have got map control, there’s really nothing that can stop you.

First, there is something you need to know. And that is, it’s a very bad idea to try capping a point without retaining map control first.

Map Control is an essential factor that determines if you will successfully cap that flag.

Take for instance you decide to cap B without the map control, the entire enemy team will focus on stopping you. And without map control, the chances of you surviving will be quite slim. So instead of capping a particular flag blindly, you need to work with your team in gaining control of the map first.

If you are playing the role of an anchor, you should know that your teammates will always depend on you. This is an important role that pretty much only needs to lock out the enemy players from your team’s spawn area. It prevents the enemy team from scoring or flipping your team’s original spawning point.

Another role you can take is that of a slayer. To become a slayer, you have to be confident with your gun skill and be ready to take on gunfights at any given time and situation. If you are someone who loses gunfights pretty often… Uh… I’m not sure you should take this role. A slayer’s only task is to kill as many enemies as they can.

They also need to work their way towards the enemy spawn and try to hold them off for as long as they can while their team captures the objective. If you are a slayer, what you need is a good level of confidence, skill, and good decision making which can get you out of very tight situations.

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If everyone on your team is a slayer, all anchors, or even all objective players, it can have a pretty made effect. So, when you see a teammate or two friendly players having the same role as you, you need to switch to a different role if you are going to win the game.

Understand the map

Lastly, there’s one certain thing you need to know before you can gain map control. That is, understanding the map. After all, you can’t secure all parts of the map if you don’t even know what parts it has, can you?

One tip that can help you understand the map and the best spots and angles that allow you to take control of it is to hop into a private match. This gives you the chance to easily study the map.

You can also 1v1 your friends on a map you don’t know too much about and this can efficiently help you out in learning everything about the map.


So that’s it for today’s post. These tips should come in handy in helping you secure map control in COD Mobile matches. Be sure to share these tips with your friends and have fun controlling the map. Good luck, soldier!

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