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COD Mobile Battle Royale Updates for Season 13

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Every season, the COD Mobile Battle Royale has received major updates from the developers of the game. However, not all of the seasons come with significant changes that transform the ways players see the mode. Luckily, the new season 13 coming in a few days is an exception. There are tons of new stuff we will get this time around. Most of them are winter-themed and focused on improving the overall player experience.

Since the test server for COD Mobile Public Beta came, we have been getting a ton of juicy leaks of Season 13, including many great additions to the COD Mobile Battle Royale mode.

Let’s get into it!

Winter-Themed Overhaul at the North

When we go towards the Northern and snowy areas of the COD Mobile Battle Royale map, we can notice something connecting Ski Town, Heat, Nuclear Plant, and Outpost. Yes! Those are Cable Cars!

COD Mobile Battle Royale

Moving on, we can find skiing tracks connecting most of the Northern areas, each starting from Ski Town. We can hop on our Snowboards to have fun in there and do stunts and race with our friends, making it one of the most enjoyable additions ever made to the Battle Royale map.

COD Mobile Battle Royale

New Vehicle: Snowboard

After the release of Tank in BR, now is the time for some cool-looking, yet very mobile vehicles to traverse across large distances. And this all comes down to the newest addition; the Snowboard, which will come in Season 13. This is a pocket vehicle you can find lying around in loot, just like other items such as weapons, gears, and meds. It is everyone’s vehicle, and just about anyone can carry it around once picked. The snowboard also comes with a feature allowing us to set up and draw it back anytime!

We can also perform 2 different stunts with it; Backflip and 180° Spin. This comes in handy when attempting to travel to nearby areas and into the zone. The only drawback is, it can go straight and downhill but never go uphill.


More Weapons Added To BR

The remaining long-awaited weapons are finally here in Season 13. Moreover, it will be coming along with 2 new weapons. These weapons are NA-45, .50 GS, Razorback, HVK-30, and BK-57, including the two new ones known as the Peacekeeper MK2 and QXR. Gear up and get ready for battle!


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New BR Class: Desperado

This crazy new BR class packs great potential when playing duos or squads. Its Active Skill can deploy a Shield Turret at any place with unlimited ammo, while the Passive Skill – Last Stand is one hell of a skill. Whenever an enemy knocks you down, you get a pistol which you can only use while you are down. If the enemy hasn’t killed you right away after knocking you down, take advantage of the time and kill him back!


Cause getting a kill while you are down rewards you with instant revival!

COD Mobile Battle Royale

TEDD Working Underground

Going to the underground in Black Market, we can find that the vending machines are now replaced with a Weapon Shop managed by TEDD, just like we saw in the club back in Season 11. Just like with vending machines, these are also free to take, so make sure to pay a visit to our friendly neighborhood bus driver TEDD next time you pass by Black Market.

COD Mobile Battle Royale

Time To Fly In Style

After 13 seasons of COD Mobile, finally, we have something unique for the wingsuits, making it look very exquisite and super cool. And that is the Jetpack! Let’s all jump down from cliffs and skyscrapers and fly in style! (Credits – Dataminer’s Hole)

COD Mobile Battle Royale

New BR Mode: Blitz!

We have enjoyed Warfare Mode back in the day, and the brand new Alcatraz map since Season 11. Unfortunately, the Alcatraz map will end in Season 13. However, it may keep stopping by at times as a limited-time event, and it may or may not come with reward quests for skins. The good news is, as we say goodbye to Alcatraz, we are given a new mode for the classic map; Blitz!

This new Blitz mode is pretty much a fast-paced and much quicker version of a standard BR match. This is a Squads only mode 40 players/10 squads in a Blitz lobby and the landing spot is within a small circle randomly determined at the start of every match.

The revival process is the same as standard Battle Royale, we have to collect and scan the dog tag and then the revived boi comes out flying from the revive flight. This mode is very great if you desire a quick game since it only takes like 10 minutes for one.

COD Mobile Battle Royale

Minor Visual Change To The Items On Ground

Now the items we see lying around on the ground will be highlighted with a white outline around them, just like we see in COD Warzone. This is not affecting the gameplay at all, but personally, I like seeing ’em this way.

COD Mobile Battle Royale


With each passing month, the developers of Call of Duty Mobile have always offered a wide range of unique content to the community. Just about every season we get always turns out to be a game-changer. Luckily, we can say the same for the upcoming season 13.

As a true fan of the COD Mobile Battle Royale mode, there are tons of unique stuff to expect. The above article offers enough insights into what changes and updates the developers have in store for us. Happy Gaming!