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Cod Mobile Battle Royale Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty Mobile is, of course, regarded as one of the top Battle Royale games in the world. Today, the game establishes one of the largest Battle Royale scenes the world has ever seen. Since its latest Gunsmith update, gamers have found not just more features to toy with, but a wide range of unique and familiar features for OG gamers to enjoy.Cod Mobile Battle Royale tips

As a Cod Mobile Battle Royale player, understanding the available tips and tricks you can use during matches can help you easily secure that number 1 spot. Luckily, this article provides a good number of them.

To keep you rest assured, we will pick up some of these tips from one of the top Cod Mobile pro players.


Cod mobile battle royale tips

Battle Royale Tips for Cod Mobile

Jokesta is well known in the Cod Mobile community for his unique skills in the MP mode. Having ranked the leaderboard multiple times, he also spends some of his time playing Battle Royale.

To understand the Cod Mobile Battle Royale tips we have for you, you can watch this video to see how Jokesta plays against squads.

Here’s the deal:


Third-Person Perspective is one of the camera styles offered by the game. With TPP, you can easily see around you without having to turn your character around. This is very useful in a mode like battle royale where enemies can sneak up on you.

Aside from helping to avoid enemies, you can easily see around walls to surprise opponents when they try to hunt you.

Using FPP limits all of these features and makes you see only directly from your character’s eyes. If you are going up against squads in Cod Mobile Battle Royale, it is always a great idea to use the TPP camera style.

Choose a class that is not for 1v1 (against squads)

There are several classes you can choose from during the pre-match session of the battle royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile. If you are not going for the solo sub-mode, then you need to choose a class that can help you fight squads.

There some top classes that prove to be very useful against squads. Most of the classes including Airborne for easy escape and human-type UAV, Smoke Bomber for saving yourself and taking out enemies unseen, and many more, are used by some of the top Cod Mobile Battle Royale pro players.

Use burst and heavy mag weapons

Burst weapons are useful in a mode like battle royale. These are weapons that fire bullets in forms of bursts. Examples of these burst weapons include the M16 and the Chicom. Although, being able to use these babies requires a good level of recoil control skill from the user. You can still learn to use them effectively to take out enemies.

Many people in the Call of Duty Mobile community consider burst weapons to be the new meta. This is due to their fast time to kill, good range, and epic damage. Using weapons like these can greatly boost your chances of survival in a Cod Mobile Battle Royale match.

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Aside from using burst weapons, heavy mag weapons can also come in handy. Usually, they are the best kinds of weapons to use against squads in a battle royale match. This is because they have 4 – 6 times the mag of some weapons in the game and this allows you to take on enemy squads in a short time without having to worry about reloading. The only problem with using heavy mag weapons is sometimes, reloading takes forever. You don’t wanna be reloading during a gunfight. It most likely won’t end well.

Use vehicles smartly

Another one of the several Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale tips you can look into is the use of vehicles. Vehicles come in handy if you need to get that Airdrop falling from the sky before anyone else does.

However, always have at the back of your mind that they are some heartless players out there that love to go around the map with FHJ or SMRS RPGs. Trust me, bruh, you don’t wanna run into them!

Work on your movement

Movement is the most important thing every player needs to consider when they are involved in a sudden gunfight. If you don’t move in an attempt to throw off the aim of your opponent, then the chances of surviving that gunfight are slim.

There are many ways you can work on your movement including using the prone button, the jump button and sliding to avoid some of the enemy bullets. Of course, you should only for theses if you don’t have a cover.

Get the Terminal Chip

The Terminal Chip is one of the most useful items in the Cod Mobile Battle Royale mode. The terminal chip upgrades your class and gives it a huge improvement to help you survive the game. Having a terminal chip comes as a great advantage over other players who don’t.

Quick Tip: You can open all the Terminal Chip slots to make it look like all chips have been taken. This will confuse other players and some won’t bother checking it out. Big win for you!

Pick up enough Armor Plates

Armor Plates are quite useful especially if you are going up against squads. Always pack enough cause you will be taking a lot of hits. You don’t want to lose your armor during a fight or unfriendly situation.

Airdrop is your friend

Yes, one of the best Cod Mobile Battle Royale tips you can look into is the use of airdrops. With airdrops, you can get custom loadouts for your weapons and this is very useful if you want to win that match. Aside from the custom gunsmith loadout, you can get from the airdrop, you can also obtain a whole lot of good stuff including level 3 vests, sweet adrenalin shots, and of course, the bad boy Annihilator.

Cod mobile battle royale tips


Cod Mobile Battle Royale tips can sometimes be hard to follow and remember. Luckily, the above tips involve features you use and rely on. This will come in handy and boost your chances of being the winner in your next battle royale match. Good luck, soldier!


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