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Cod Mobile AK-47 Gunsmith | The Best Assault Rifile

Having a hard time picking a weapon suitable for your kind of gameplay?

Say goodbye to your worries and take a look at the best AK-47 COD Mobile gunsmith. The AK-47 is one of the best fully automatic weapons inside of COD mobile suitable for both passive and aggressive players. With the right gunsmith, this gets a lot better.

To find the right gunsmith, you can watch this video of Jokesta where he dropped a nuke with the AK-47.

Below, we will take a look at an overview of his recommended gunsmith attachments for the weapon.

Best COD Mobile AK-47 Gunsmith

Five attachments make this weapon cracked. Here there are:

Stock: ‘No stock’ for increased mobility

Barrel: ‘MIP light barrel(short) for increased ads speed as well as mobility

Laser: ‘OWC Laser – Tactical’ for increased accuracy

Rear Grip: ‘Stippled Grip Tape’ for more sprint-to-fire speed and ads speed

Underbarrel: ‘Strike foregrip’ for more bullet spread accuracy

Cod Mobile AK-47 Gunsmith


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What makes the AK-47 gunsmith so cracked?

The gunsmith offered above gives the AK-47 so much advantage over other fully automatic weapons in COD Mobile.

Increased Mobility

The AK-47 as default is a semi-light weapon. This makes it provide a whole lot of movement speed to you as a player. With the AK-47 gunsmith above, your movement speed skyrockets, making the weapon one of the fastest fully automatic weapons.

Mobility is key in CODM as it enables you to avoid enemy bullets better and also escape situations where you are outnumbered.

Good iron sight

A lot of good fully automatic weapons have bad iron sights but the iron sight for the regular AK-47 is perfect. Remember the gunsmith above is without an optic, this is because the weapon comes with a good iron sight. You also get faster ads speed without an optic. A huge advantage, if you ask me.

Increased accuracy

The above COD mobile AK-47 gunsmith makes the weapon have practically no recoil. The ‘OWC laser tactical’ attachment also offers good accuracy which gives you an edge on enemies that are staffing.


With an already-cracked weapon like the AK-47, adding the best gunsmith can help you confidently hop into COD Mobile matches to win more gunfights. The above article should come in handy with that. Good luck, soldier!


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