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Peacekeeper in COD Mobile going to be the New Meta for Season 13?

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So, we all know COD Mobile is an ever-changing game that allows players to select metas from a wide range of weapons almost every season. In the current season of season 12, the HVK-30 Large Caliber as well as the Akimbo Fennec are both known to be the main buzz of the entire game when it comes to the most over-powered weapons. But since we are coming to the end of the season, surely there will be a new meta, right?

Peacekeeper in COD Mobile


One of the most amazing things about the coming season is the large number of changes being made to the game. Some of the changes include the introduction of new maps, new weapons, new animations, lots of balance changes and much more.

One of the new weapons being introduced in COD Mobile is the Peacekeeper. This gun has been in COD BO2 as a SMG, and also in COD BO4 as an Assault Rifle, finally making its entry in COD Mobile, as an Assault Rifle too. Now questions have surfaced, including whether or not, the Peacekeeper will become the new meta of COD Mobile season 13. Before we can answer that, let’s take a quick look at some of the determining factors that help this new assault rifle stand a chance on the meta ranking leaderboard.

Special Attributes of The Peacekeeper in COD Mobile

Some attributes will always catch our eyes when it comes to the Peacekeeper in COD Mobile. Here’s the deal:

Unique Attachments

Yeah, you read that right. The new Peacemaker will be coming with new attachments. As a matter of experience, we are all used to the habit which COD Mobile has adopted when it comes to bringing new stuff to the game. They always make them very OP.
Here are some sneak peeks into the new attachments we can expect to make its way into the game. These items were gotten from the test server.

Long Range Barrel

Equipping this attachment grants you double range. From its stats, we can see it delivers a 100% damage range increase as well as it reduces the horizontal recoil of the Peacekeeper MK2 by 20%.

Peacekeeper in COD Mobile

This comes with a few downsides which are reduced movement speed and ads speed.

Rapid Fire Barrel

We are also getting the rapid-fire barrel on the Peacekeeper in COD Mobile. This is first of its kind in any weapons currently in the game, and it is a cracked attachment to put on. It provides the Peacekeeper with 12% firerate boost as well as damage increase, which greatly improves the TTK of this gun, also granting it 3-shot kill potential at closer ranges, putting it on par with the ASM10.

Peacekeeper in COD Mobile

However, it punishes your damage range as well as your ads bullet spread accuracy. We’ll be excited to see how it works out upon global release

Well-Forged Barrel

We will be getting the well-forged barrel. This attachment simply offers a 50% damage range increase.

Peacekeeper in COD Mobile

Built-in Silence Barrel

Another attachment to look out for is the built-in silence barrel. Just as the name implies, equipping this attachment automatically grants you silenced fire. It also offers more damage range.

Peacekeeper in COD Mobile


Amazing Fire Rate

The fire rate of the weapon makes it one of the fastest killing weapons season 13 will experience. Luckily, people who love using SMGs will almost feel no difference when using the Peacekeeper in COD Mobile.

Better Damage

As mentioned earlier, the weapon will be getting some new and unique attachments. Some of the attachments it will be coming with can significantly improve its damage. This will make it better than several other weapons in the game.

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COD Mobile is a great game. To ensure things keep moving, the developers ensure to improve and regulate the entire weapon system. This leads to having a different meta every season. In season 13, we should expect the Peacemaker to be one of the nominees for the new meta in COD Mobile. Thanks for reading! (And keep an eye out for QXR)


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