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COD Mobile Gunsmith Simulator

The Call of Duty franchise is something most of us find ourselves psychologically attached to not just because of the entertainment each of its series delivers, but also the many interesting concepts it introduces to players.

Today, Call of Duty is known for its Gunsmith concept which has helped players find some of the best weapon customizations that fit their unique style of gaming. With that being said, it is no doubt that there are still a lot of people around the world who are finding this sort of task difficult due to their unfamiliarity with different Gunsmith attachments.


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The same can be said for some of the several millions of players who play Call of Duty Mobile. Today, we have something special that not only helps players find what attachments meet their taste, but also reduce the effort of having to test out different attachments to figure out how they work.
Introducing Jokesta’s Gunsmith Simulator for Call of Duty Mobile.

Now, players can choose from 5 different weapon attributes, just what exactly they need to become better at the game without having to confuse themselves when working with Gunsmith.

This COD Mobile Gunsmith simulator is built with the intention to make gamers discover the best attachments required to retain certain essential attributes across their different favourite weapons.

The COD Mobile Gunsmith simulator also helps those who are new to the Gunsmith concept pick what feels suitable for them by simply selecting the top attribute(s) they require to be a beast with their favourite weapon.

Pick a weapon you like, choose the attribute(s) you want on it, and get your customization instantly.

How to Use the COD Mobile Gunsmith Simulator

Using the COD Mobile gunsmith simulator isn’t a big deal. Here are the easy steps to help you get started with using the COD Gunsmith Simulator.

  • Visit the COD Gunsmith Simulator website
  • On the home page, tap on the Get Started button
  • Select a weapon category/type by clicking on any of the buttons with a corresponding weapon category name
  • Choose the weapon you want to customize special attributes for
  • Select your desired attributes(maximum of 3)
  • Click on the Customize button and discover the attachments you need to get your desired attributes

Updates and New Features

As one of the project developers, I’m glad to tell you that we will be performing regular updates on the CODM Gunsmith Simulator. Expect to find new features coming to the project in many different ways.


Project Owner: Jokesta

Project Developer: ImMundial

Gunsmith Authors: ImMundial, Viking, ByteShark, Mad_Max, Dan.