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How to Easily Get to Legendary Rank in COD Mobile [Multiplayer Solo]

In its early stages, COD Mobile’s ranked was more of a skill-based rank system. Over the many months that passed, players have improved considerably and a lot of them now find getting to the Legendary rank in COD Mobile to be a walk in the park. However, not everyone can do this easily.

In today’s post, we will be looking at some of the best tips that can help you easily get to Legendary rank in COD Mobile.

Here we go!

Discover Your Best Modes

Shout out to COD Mobile for making Ranked Selection a permanent thing. Only OGs remember how painful it was to be forced all day to play a mode you didn’t like. Today, we are allowed to select what we like.

Legendary Rank in COD Mobile

If you are struggling with some modes, the best thing to do is to remove them from your selected modes. If you don’t, you might end up losing a lot of ranked points because of them.

If you want to get to legendary ranked, it’s a better option to always play your best mode. This gives you the chance to overcome the enemy team and win games often.

Find the Best Settings For Yourself

Yes, yes, yes, we know you have heard this many times. But trust me, if you don’t actually do it, you just might find yourself losing a lot of gunfights. This goes a long way in confusing you as to why.

Legendary rank in cod mobile

Here’s the deal:

Everyone has a different game sense. If you decide to use the settings of a popular YouTuber, you might find out that you don’t seem to blend in with the settings. When I say “Settings”, I mean your sensitivity settings, your layout settings, your camera Fov, and all that crucial stuff.

When you don’t blend in with the settings of someone else, you should know it’s because your game sense can’t easily work with them. The solution?

Mess around with your settings and figure out what works best for you. Change your sensitivity and test it out in a public match to see how well you do.

The same goes for your layout. If you decide to copy a YouTuber’s 6-finger layout when you use only two fingers to play, then I’m afraid you just might not make any progress now. Make a layout that fits your two-finger playstyle.

Improve Your Movement

Movement is a key attribute every player trying to easily get to legendary must possess. If your movement isn’t great, opposing players can pick you up from different angles or even across the map without breaking a sweat.
To improve your movement, you can watch some YouTubers and learn from them.
Another thing you can do is choose the right perks that boost movement.

Using the Lightweight perk gives you 10% more speed when you sprint.

Legendary rank in cod mobile
This allows you to dodge bullets like you’re in the Matrix and even throw off the enemy’s aim on you.

Looking at some professional players in COD Mobile, you can learn from their movement styles and see how good it helps them win gunfights. If you can do the same, winning gunfights becomes easier. This, in turn, helps you win more games.

Another perk you can use that improves your movement is the Skulker perk.

Legendary rank cod mobile
It gives you 12% more walking speed and this allows you to move faster when you are aiming down sight during a gunfight. It’s a huge advantage.

Use a Good Mobile Device

The device you use to play COD Mobile matters. I’d recommend using a device that provides 60fps or more, as well as supports great graphics. The graphics aren’t always a major concern, however, it can help improve your visuals during matches. Another thing to look out for in a device that can help you become a better player at the game is its screen size. Using devices with bigger screens provides a huge advantage when it comes to playing COD Mobile. A real example we can take a look at is the huge gun skill difference between most IPad and Phone players. We will talk about that some other time.

Use Only the Best Guns(not toxic ones tho)

Sometimes, people might tell you to use guns that you feel comfortable with and find easy to handle. That is a great idea. However, when it comes to reaching the Legendary league, you need to play like a competitive player. Drop that M4 you love so much and pick up the HVK-30. Use the DR-H or any other weapon that is currently the meta in the game. When you do this often, you tend to win more games and can easily reach Legendary in COD Mobile.

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Grind, bro… Grind!

The Legendary league is the toughest league in COD Mobile ranked. If you are planning to obtain that tier on your profile, you need to grind. When you play the game for about 2 – 3 hours, you can easily stack up on ranked points. This easily pushes you towards the Legendary tier compared to when you play the game for a few minutes and then decide to take a 5-hour break. Nope!

When you grind more often in COD Mobile Ranked, you get to learn a lot of new things and can greatly improve yourself as a player.


For many people, reaching the Legendary league can be a real pain. If you have always wondered just how well you can improve yourself to make the task of getting there a lot easier, the above tips should come in handy for that. Good luck, soldier!


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