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Renetti COD Mobile: Everything You Need to Know

Unlike many other pistols in COD Mobile, the Renetti is a burst pistol. There are many burst weapons in Call of Duty Mobile, such as the Chicom, M16, and Pharo, however, the Renetti stands out as a secondary/functional weapon.

Renetti COD Mobile

According to researched stats, the Renetti pistol has the ability to one-burst enemies directly to the torso up to 20 meters. Past 30 meters, the damage of the pistol drops, making it require at least two more bursts to drop an enemy. Of course, all these damage stats can be modified if you use attachments that provide more damage range.

The release of Renetti in COD Mobile is one of the most exciting news players have experienced since the start of the Season 3:Tokyo Escape update.

Today, just about everyone is either grinding the new pistol in COD Mobile or buying it from the new Forged Steel lucky draw.

Renetti COD Mobile

Depending on your preference, you can get it by spending your money or by performing certain objectives in the game. That, we will be looking at in this article.

Here’s the deal:

How to Unlock Renetti in COD Mobile

Unlocking the Renetti COD Mobile can be done easily. However, if you don’t know what to do, that can become an entirely different story.

Renetti COD Mobile

To unlock Renetti in Call of Duty Mobile, you need to carry out the following missions:

  • Play 3 matches in any mode
  • Kill 15 enemies with any pistol
  • Kill 30 enemies with the MW-11 pistol
  • Kill 30 enemies with the MW-11 pistol equipped with FHJ and any other 4 attachments
  • Kill 30 enemies with any pistol equipped with 4 attachments
  • Kill 5 enemies with headshot using any pistol equipped with 3 attachments
  • Win 7 MP matches with J358 equipped (You must equip the J358 in hand at the end of the match)

Weapon Statistics


Default Mag

15 rounds

Extended Mag A

21 rounds

External Mag B

27 rounds


5 – 20 Meters







Waist – Feet


20 – 40 Meters







Waist – Feet


Gunsmith Attachments


OWC Light Suppressor
RTC Compensator
RTC Light Muzzle Brake
Tactical Suppressor
MIP Light Flash Guard
Monolithic Suppressor


MIP Extended Light Barrel
OWC Ranger
MIP Light


Classic Red Dot Sight
Red Dot Sight 2
Tactical Scope
Holographic Sight 2
Red Dot Sight 3
Holographic Sight 3
Red Dot Sight 4
Red Dot Sight 5
Red Dot Sight 1
Red Dot Sight 6
Holographic Sight 1


Folding Stock

Rear Grip

Handmade Grip Tape
Stippled Grip Tape
Rubberized Grip Tape


Extended Mag A
Large Extended Mag B

Trigger Action

Match Grade Trigger
Heavy Duty Trigger
Lightweight Trigger


RTC Laser 1mW
OWC Laser – Tactical
MIP Laser 5mW


Sleight of Hand
Full Ammo


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Best Renetti Gunsmith

Since the Renetti pistol is still a new secondary weapon in Call of Duty Mobile, not many gunsmith attachment tests have been carried out on it. However, here is a screenshot of the recommended Renetti gunsmith you should be using.

Renetti COD Mobile

Is the Renetti the Best Pistol in COD Mobile

Many factors determine what the best pistol in COD Mobile is. The Renetti does meet some of these factors. However, do not forget it comes like a burst weapon and this does have its setbacks.

To help you figure out what the best pistol in COD Mobile is, then stay tuned as we will be releasing a full guide on it later this week.

Thanks for reading!

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