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Are Slugs Good for Shotguns in COD Mobile?

Shotguns are considered one of the most overpowered types of weapons in Call of Duty. However, in COD Mobile, due to their great power, they received a significant nerf. This nerf led to quite a lot of shotgun users dropping the weapons and turning to other weapons to keep up with other players.

Today, shotguns in COD Mobile are still widely used but not as often as they were back in previous COD Mobile seasons.

As a shotgun user, you will find it confusing to use some shotgun attachments. But when it comes to the Slug attachment, there’s almost nothing confusing about it. This is because it significantly improves the damage of your shotgun.

Using the Slug for extra damage and extra damage range on your shotgun can be a very tempting offer. This short post will tell you why you shouldn’t.

Slugs are sometimes considered overpowered due to the high damage they come with. However, using it can be a very bad idea. Of course, they help you with even more damage range, but they still reduce your chances of hitting those shots. You do know what happens when you miss a shot or two, right? You most likely won’t survive the gunfight.

In case you hop into a match and find yourself missing a lot of shots with your shotgun, you should know this is due to the Slug attachment you have equipped. The Slug significantly reduces your accuracy during a fight by decreasing the number of pellets being released from your shotgun. This means, hitting shots will require a lot more precision. That can be difficult to accomplish especially if you are constantly on the move why in a gunfight.

With that being said, avoid using the Slug attachment on any of your shotguns.

The Solution

Yes, you will want to retain the damage. But you can do this using the damage range attachments available in the gunsmith. If you don’t know what attachments to use, you can customize your gunsmith with our COD Mobile Gunsmith Builder. Also, here’s a list of attachments that offer more damage range and don’t make you look like you suck with shotguns in COD Mobile.

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