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Best PP19 Bizon Loadout in COD Mobile – Full Gunsmith

The new PP19 COD Mobile has had people talking about if it really is an SMG as the game portrays it to be. In case you have had troubles figuring out what the best PP19 Bizon loadout works best in COD Mobile, then this article will show you.

Best PP19 Bizon Loadout in COD Mobile

Although, Call of Duty Mobile says this is a sub-machine gun, it still works similarly to an assault rifle. This can be a bit tough for players to figure out what PP19 Bizon attachments they can use.

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Here’s a screenshot of Jokesta’s gunsmith that is built not only for aggressive players, but also for those that are passive in their gameplay.

Pp19 bizon loadout


If you are wondering how to use the pp19 bizon gunsmith to its greatest advantage, feel free to watch Jokesta play some ranked games with it below.


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