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How to Play the Slayer Role in COD Mobile

Slayer role in COD


Call of Duty Mobile is one of the top mobile games in the world. Due to its popularity among mobile game players, the entire game has long evolved into a highly skill-based platform. If you are a true fan of COD Mobile ranked, then you will understand how important roles are.

Today, the top roles in Call of Duty Mobile are the Objective role and the Slayer role. In this post, we will be looking at some of the best tips that can help you become the best slayer on your team during a match.

When talking about the Slayer role in ranked, it usually involves spawn-focused game modes such as Domination and Hardpoint.

Enough talking. Here’s the deal:

Use a Speed-Based Loadout

Speed is an essential attribute all slayers must always have. If you are working your way towards becoming a slayer, the number thing you need is to work on your movement speed. One of the best ways to do this is to create special loadouts that provide an increased amount of speed.

Slayer role in COD

This is because you’ll always want to run across the map to get as many kills as you can, thereby allowing your teammates to have enough time to capture and hold the objectives.

You should start by selecting your perks.

Most players taking the Slayer role in COD Mobile usually hop into ranked matches while having the Lightweight perk(red). This perk grants a whopping 10% speed increase whenever they sprint, allowing them to react to gunfights a lot quicker than other players.

Another thing to look out for is your weapon. You don’t wanna hop into a match with a Chopper that has a movement speed of 10 and expect to be the best slayer on your team. Of course, very good and experienced players can do this successfully. But if you are new to the slayer role in COD Mobile, you will prefer to stick to a more suitable option.

Most slayers prefer to hop into ranked with an SMG or assault rifle that grants them 70 or 80 mobility. You will want to retain the same idea when customizing your weapon gunsmith to give you that extra speed boost you might need to slay like never before.

In case you are wondering just what attachments you might need to give yourself that juicy spicy speed boost, feel free to check out this Gunsmith Builder. Go on, click on the like, and start customizing what speed gunsmiths fit into your favorite weapon.

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Gather Enough Bullets Per Mag

Yes, the worst nightmare of a slayer is having to run out of ammo in the middle of a gunfight. Of course, luckily, there’s always a secondary weapon such as a pistol, melee, or rocket launcher. But what do you think happens when you run out of everything? Obviously, you get taken out.

Slayer role in COD Mobile


As a slayer, you are more likely to have to take more than one gunfight within a short time. If your weapon has a small mag, you won’t have enough ammo to handle another gunfight seconds after hopping out of one. To handle this, just make sure to equip an extra mag on your weapon.

Learn a Few Spawn Trapping Techniques

If you are working your way towards becoming a slayer, the one thing you must understand is the Respawn System of the game. When you know how often and where enemy players spawn, then your role as a slayer becomes a lot easier.

To understand the system, you need to study the maps in the game carefully. The more you do this, the more you become familiar with exactly how the spawn system works. Usually, the game ensures it spawns the enemy team at your original spawn zone when your team pushes into theirs and vice versa. When this happens, we can always say “Spawns flipped”. Once you can understand the mechanism behind this, knowing where enemy teammates will spawn next after you kill them, automatically gives you the chance to spawn trap them.

The best slayers in COD Mobile tend to spawn trap the enemy team a lot. This is because they understand the spawn system and can easily handle the enemy team in their spawn with confidence.

Ignore the Objective When it is Too Risky

Yes, I said it.

Let me say it again.

Ignore the objective when it is too risky.

Got it?

Of course, as a slayer, you are meant to take risks for the good of your entire team. However, there are some risks worth not taking. One of them is hopping on the Objective at certain moments. As a slayer, keeping away from the objective is your main role. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes, when you are 100% sure there ain’t any risks involved in hopping on the objective, then doing it isn’t a bad idea.

Hold up!

Before anyone types something against this point in the comment section, you need to understand that the slayer role is the most important of all roles. Usually, slayers in a team are players that have the best gun skill and confidence when it comes to taking gunfights or going against multiple opponents. With that, it is an obvious fact that without the slayer(s), the enemy team will find it easy to take out your teammates.

As a slayer, you must be ready to take to avoid risky situations that might cause your death. Staying alive is as important as stopping the enemy team from hopping into the objective. If you are dead, the chance of your team holding them off is reduced. Got it?

By the way, what role do you think is the most important. Is it the Objective role or the slayer role?

Let us know in the comments section.

Maintain that Spicy Stealth Mode

Slayers are best known for their ability to attack from unexpected angles and corners. To become a great slayer, you must learn to retain stealth in all of your activities during a match.

One way to do this is to ensure you equip a silencer on your weapon. My recommendation for a great silencer is the Monolithic Suppressor. You can find the attachment in the Muzzle slot when customizing the gunsmith of your weapon. The Monolithic Suppressor increases your overall damage range and also keeps your shots silenced and untraceable on the enemy radar.

Slayer role in COD Mobile


However, it decreases

You should know the downsides involved when you use the Monolithic Suppressor in COD Mobile can easily be eradicated with the use of several other attachments.

Another way to stay off the radar of the opposing team is to use the Ghost perk(green). This way, enemy UAVs can never reveal your position. Alternatively, you can shoot down enemy UAVs and stop the enemy team from figuring out where you are on the map.

Slayer role in COD Mobile


Improve Your Gunskill

Your gun skill is an important factor that defines your role as a slayer. If you can’t adopt skilled ways to get out of situations or handle gunfights, then being a slayer will be a tough role for you. To make things easier, grind, and practice. You can greatly improve your gun skill by simply playing 1v1s with your friends.

You can also watch some popular YouTubers to get some very reliable tips that can help you improve your gun skill in COD Mobile.

Utilize Covers

To play the slayer role in COD Mobile, you need to learn how to utilize covers effectively. This will enable you to avoid dying to the enemy team and can significantly increase the chances of your team securing a W.

Tease the Enemy Team

When we say “tease the enemy team”, what we mean is for you to startle them or distract them. One of the best ways to do this is to hop on their spawn flag(A or C) and hop back out when you know you have their attention. When they run to their spawn to try to stop you, your teammates are allowed to quickly capture the objectives. And of course, you have to be ready to take the fights coming your way.


Being a slayer is a tough job, trust me. Before you take that role, you need to work on a few things to improve yourself as a player. The above tips should come in handy in helping you play the slayer role in COD Mobile. Good luck, soldier!

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