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Best Red Perk COD Mobile

Since the inception of Call of Duty Mobile, we’ve got the chance to try out several unique perks in its Multiplayer mode. Of course, with the many updates the game introduced, there are tons of perks to choose from. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best red perk COD Mobile has and how useful it is.

The Best Red Perk COD Mobile

Today, we’ll be looking at the Red perks in COD Mobile and help you find the best one in the game.

Here’s the deal:


Call of Duty is a game known for its fast-paced gunfights and encounters. This unique portion of the game can be seen in all versions of the game, including its mobile version, Call of Duty Mobile. With that being said, you must understand that speed is a major part of the game and using a perk that optimizes that can help you come up victorious in your gunfights.

Red perk in cod mobile


Lightweight, a red perk that boosts your sprint speed by up to 10%, is the most used perk in the game. If you want to win more gunfights, get to the objectives quicker, and react faster in certain situations, then the Lightweight red perk in COD Mobile should be your go-to choice.


Persistence comes second place on our list not only because of the extra advantage it gives in securing scorestreaks but also because it is a real “game-changer”. You’ve probably experienced being on the winning team, only for all that to change when a Vtol or Stealth Chopper comes into the picture. Sometimes, this is due to your opponent using the red perk, Persistence.

Red perk cod mobile

Persistence grants the ability to get scorestreaks when you have gathered enough points while ignoring deaths. In simple terms, Persistence ensures your scorestreak progression doesn’t reset after death. However, the points required to get a scorestreak will be doubled.


One of the best red perk COD Mobile offers is the Skulker perk. This one ensures your walking speed is boosted up to 12%. When you use Skulker, winning gunfights also becomes easier.

Red perk in cod mobile

As a player, you might find yourself having a hard time choosing between Lightweight and Skulker. Don’t be bothered, as both perks offer similar benefits in terms of wining gunfights.

Fast Recover

Every match you play, you will most likely find yourself being swarmed by multiple enemies at once. If you killed one after being hit a couple of times, you might want to go for the next guy still. However, to turn the tables in your favour, you can heal up quickly just to get enough health to take on the next opponent.

Red perk cod mobile

This is where Fast Recover comes into the picture. Just slap it on your red perk slot and your healing time will be reduced by 35%.


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Flat Jacket

In earlier seasons, explosions were not as rampant as they are in today’s season. People sometimes played a full match without getting hit by lethal equipment, rocket launchers, or vehicle explosions.

Red perk cod mobile

Today, molotovs and thermites are used by almost every player you run into. Of course, if you can’t beat them, you join them. But to give yourself an extra layer of advantage, equipping flat jacket is just what you need to do. This might not be the best red perk COD Mobile offers, but it greatly reduces damage from explosives whenever you get hit by them.


The best red perk COD Mobile offers are very useful for both casual and competitive players.

Luckily, we have 10 different loadouts and if you find that a perk isn’t for you, you can always switch to another one. With that being said, have a great season and use only perks that make you a better player. Good luck!

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