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New Recon Perk COD Mobile

The new recon perk call of duty mobile announced in its early-season update is finally here. It comes as a green perk and just like other perks in COD Mobile, this can be overpowered if used in the right way. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at the new recon perk COD Mobile released and how players can unlock it.

Recon Perk COD Mobile

As you can see from the image above, the recon perk works only when a player slays an enemy. Upon doing so, the area is scanned just like a UAV and the location of enemies around there are revealed.

Recon perk cod

The best way to use the recon perk COD has offered is to equip it during the Search and Destroy mode. This gives the location of enemies easily just like in the image below.

Recon perk cod

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How to Unlock the Recoil Perk

To unlock the Recoil perk, you will need to perform the following operations in the same order:

  • Kill 20 enemies in MP matches
  • Kill 15 enemies in MP matches with the Tracker perk equipped
  • Kill 15 enemies in MP matches equipped with the Cold-blooded perk equipped
  • Kill 20 enemies in MP matches with the Lightweight perk equipped
  • Win 5 MP matches with High Alert perk equipped

You can find the event page by logging into your COD Mobile account, navigating to the Events screen before selecting the Seasonal screen. Once done, you can find all the required missions.

Recon perk cod